Hariom Lottery Result Live Today – Hariom Lottery Chart

Do you look to check today’s Hariom lottery result? Hariom lottery is the most popular Indian lottery. Results are conducted at different times of the day. Hariom Lottery Result timing starts from 10 AM and goes on till 11 PM. Results are updated every 30 minutes. Stay tuned with us to get the updated results of the hari om lottery.

According to the winning prize, the Hariom Lottery buying price is much lower. As the haryana satta results are updated multiple times daily, the probability of winning increases automatically.

Check Latest Hariom Result 16.6.2024 of Today Live

What is Hariom Lottery?

It’s an opportunity for those who want to earn a quick income through this lottery. As this lottery is known for its large prizes and low-cost tickets, many people are interested in it. It’s one of those famous lotteries of India that make you a millionaire overnight. 

Many people get interested in this hari om lottery and participate just for fun, but on the other hand, it also makes people lakhpati concisely. More than 600 Matka lotteries are available in India, but this hanuman lottery is still one of the most famous Indian lottery. Here is a table that show’s further detials.

Lotter NameHariom Lottery Draw
Result Timing9 AM, 9:30 AM, 10 AM and onwards

This hari om Lottery Results are published daily at different times. The first result is published at 9 am, after which the other results are updated every 30 minutes. Below is a table from which you can get all the lottery update details.

How to Buy Hariom Lottery

Buying tickets for Shri hanuman lottery online through the website is the best option without having to travel anywhere, and the result process is also online, so you can check the winning list result on this website. 

When the lottery started 30 years ago, it was hard to process. But now you can buy, play and win prizes online without leaving home.

How to Play this Lottery

Online lottery games are more prevalent in India. This hariom satta is also one of them. In this, the participants guess a number and play abet on them. If they guess correctly, they are declared a winner and receive a prize. However, the risk of failure is also involved in it.

Most websites and apps are providing tips and information about how to win this haryana satta lottery and share prediction numbers. It’s crucial to research these sites before using such resources and make a final decision after considering multiple resources.

Hariom Lottery

And the most important thing is don’t share any information about ticket numbers and other personal data. Just buy a lottery ticket and wait to see the results.


  • There are a lot of other businesses involved, so it’s proof of authenticity.
  • As it’s available online and offline, it’s easy to play it anywhere.
  • You can still earn money by investing in this lottery if you are busy at work.


  • Excess of everything is bad. Addiction to this lottery also causes financial problems.
  • As the winners are fewer than the total participants, the risk of money loss is also involved.

Conclusion about Hariom Lottery

Hope all your lottery-related questions have been answered. Never forget that there may also be harm if there is a benefit to playing this lottery. Many websites and apps provide prediction numbers in advance, but relying on them can prove you wrong, so it’s better to wait, and the result will come to you by itself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hariom Lottery

Between 10:05 AM and 5:05 PM, Lottery Results are announced every half hour.

The state Government of Rajasthan operates this lottery.

Yes, you can purchase the ticket online. Visit this website Hariom.com to buy lottery tickets.