Kerala Jackpot Result – Check Today 16.6.2024 KL Jackpot Lottery Chart

If you have purchased a KL jackpot ticket today and are curious about checking the Kerala Jackpot lottery result. Then you are at the right place. You will get the latest Kerala Jackpot result here without any delay. It’s played 8 different times daily, and results are regularly updated. Here you will get all the updated results on time.

The lottery result timings every day start from 10.30 AM, 11.30 AM, 12.30 PM, 1.30 PM, 3.30 PM, 5.30 PM, 6.30 PM 7.30 PM. Below is the latest result table of today, 16.6.2024

Kerala jackpot lottery result today

Kerala jackpot Lottery Result Today 16.6.2024 KL Table Chart

Lottery NameKerala Jackpot Lottery
Draw Number492
Draw Date16.6.2024
First Prize10000/-
Second Prize1000/-

Today 16.6.2024 KL Jackpot Result and Kerala Jackpot Live Chart are Given Below.

Kerala Jackpot Lottery Result 16.6.2024 Today Live Chart

1st Prize for 3digit result numbers | 2nd Prize for 2digit result Numbers

NAME TIME TABLE 1st Prize: 10,000/- 2nd Prize: 1000/-
Lotto10:30 AM31818
Jackpot11:30 AM95353
Luck12:30 PM71212
Queen01:30 PM37777
King03:30 PM18585
Star05:30 PM93838
Jackpot06:30 PM66969

Kerala Jackpot KL Yesterday Lottery Result Chart Table

NAME TIME TABLE 1st Prize: 10,000/- 2nd Prize: 1000/-

In most cases, the winning numbers are withdrawn from a mechanical result generator machine or any other tool that utilizes random number generators. So feel complimentary about result accuracy.

Kerala Jackpot Lottery Weekly Result Chart Table

Here is a table of KL Jackpot result Weekly chart. We are providing official Kerala results in daily updates. Check your lottery number with the result chart mentioned below. If you want to see results older than week results. Check Kerala Jackpot Monthly Results Chart. This weekly result chart contains the results for the whole week.

Kerala Jackpot Weekly Chart – Kerala Lottery

Time10:3011:3012:30 01:30 03:30 05:3006:30 07:30

How to Win Kerala Jackpot Lottery

Do you dream of winning a vast Kerala jackpot lottery and changing your life forever? Don’t miss the opportunity to take a chance on the Jackpot lottery, and try your luck to get financial freedom. A little chunk of money can change your whole life. So this Kerala Jackpot lottery is for you.

kerala jackpot result in

The Government of Kerala runs a Lottery program named the Kerala jackpot lottery. This popular lottery came into existence in 1967 for the first time. A separate Kerala department was made to look after the work of this lottery. Almost 456 employees are working in this department. After that, other states of India started their lottery departments to earn tax-free revenue.

It’s a game of numbers that involves purchasing கேரளா ஜாக்பாட் lottery tickets to get a winning chance. 6 to 7 types of prizes include in this Kerala lottery. The கேரளா ஜாக்பாட் ரிசல்ட் are announced daily at 10.30 AM, 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, and onwards. Many people participate in this daily drawing lottery to get a winning chance.

Time Table for Today Kerala Lottery jackpot Result – KL Jackpot Result

As this lottery is played multiple times a day. Many people are curious about the result timings of this lucky jackpot result. Because they want to check their results if they won the lottery prize. Here is a timetable Chart of that show’s how the lottery results announce.

Lotto10:30 AM
Jackpot11:30 AM
Lucky12:30 PM
Queen1:30 PM
King3:30 PM
Star5:30 PM
Jackpot6:30 PM
Loto7:30 PM

The table shows when the lottery results will be announced. So now, participants will quickly check the complete winner list results online by visiting this website. Winner’s lottery numbers are provided in the result sheet. You can also verify by keralagov.

How to Check Kerala Jackpot Lottery Result Online

Different methods are involved in checking the Kerala Jackpot result.

  • First of all, select the result date which you want to check.
  • Go to the website and open the result Page.
  • Now download the total result carefully.
  • Now just find your required number. If it matches your number, then you are the winner.
  •  Note: It can also be checked by visiting a local newspaper or through the website of

How to Get Kerala Lottery jackpot Prize Money

The prizes less than 50000inr can be claimed by a retail shop. But more than that required to submit proper documents to the bank or the lottery officer. If the prize money is more than 200000, then the participant needs to get in touch with the Director of the Kerala department with a lottery ticket and fulfill the required documents to get the prize money.

kerala jackpot winning

But if the prize is just more than One lakh, then it should be withdrawn by the nearest district office of Kerala Jackpot. And the winners are required to pay a 30% tax and a ten percent commission to the lottery agent.

The ticket is essential in order to receive the winning amount. The relevant state will check the numbers on your ticket against the result of the winning numbers, and if your ticket is included in the winner’s list, they will award you the prize amount.

Kerala Jackpot Prize Tax and Regulations

According to Section 194B, a 30% tax deduction is applied to all lottery prizes. That is TDS by the winners of the lottery. There is an additional 4% cess levied also included to Kerala jackpot winners, making the total 31.2%.

To claim the prize money, submit your ticket to the directorate within the 30days after the declaration of the result. If the prize money is less than 2 lakh it could be claimed from the general lottery office. But if the prize money is more than that, then you need to visit the directorate general office.

To claim your prize you will need all these necessary documents like photographs, Pan card, Ration card and winning lottery ticket. So must keep ready all these documents before visiting the directorate office.


  • The public community receives many benefits from the lottery business run by the state.
  • As the lottery buying price is too low. So it’s accessible to everyone.
  • Some of the winning prize money is also used for the public sector.


  • As the majority of the participants didn’t win anything.
  • Also a risk of money loss involved in it.
  • some people become overconfident that they will win every time. That’s the addiction that causes financial problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes, it’s legal in some Indian states.

The Kerala lotteries played from Monday to Saturday have a ticket price of Rs.30, whereas the Sunday lottery Bhagyamithra is the largest lottery of the week and costs Rs.100 per ticket.

  In total, there are 6 bumper lotteries.

1. Bumper for Christmas and New Year – January

2. The Bumper Summer-March

3. Vishu Bumper – May 

4. Monsoon Bumper -July

5. Thiruvonam Bumper – September 

6. Pooja Bumper – November

You can easily buy the ticket through any retailer or online store.

If your lottery winnings exceed Rs.10,000, a 30% tax will be applied on them. Additionally, lottery agents in Kerala are subject to a 10% income tax imposed by the state. The Lottery Distinct office is responsible for managing these taxes, and you can visit their office for more information.

If your ticket number appears on the Today Jackpot result, then you are the winner of the Jackpot Lottery result.