Check Lottery Sambad 6 Tarik 1 PM 6 PM 8 PM Result 06-03-2024

The Lottery Sambad 6 tarik draws are conducted every month from morning to 1 PM to night at 8 PM. People from different states take part in this lottery sambad6. The Nagaland state lottery 6 is not allowed all over India but is valid in some states of India. So from that state, people take part in this lottery. Today the lottery sambad 6 tarik was played. So if you are a lottery participant, check the results here.

lottery sambad 6 tarik

Check Lottery Sambad 6 Tarik Morning 1 PM Result

The lottery is played 3 times a day. The draw names are Dear Morning, Dear Evening, and Dear Night. So if you are the participant in anyone of them. You can check all 6 tarikh ke lottery sambad results here. The sambad 1 pm morning result of 6 tarik can be found here. You can also check all Nagaland lottery old results.

sambad nagaland lottery result 1pm 19-May-2024

Nagaland State Sambad 6 Tarik Draw Table Details

Lottery NameNagaland Sate Lottery
Draw Code48th Draw
Prize Money1 Crore
Result Date06.03.2023

Nagaland Lottery Sambad 6 Tarik Evening 6 PM Result

The lottery process is managed by the state of Nagaland all over the states of India. The Dear Evening is also part of the lottery draw. So if you are the evening buyer. Check the 6 tarik evening sambad result, also called lottery sambad old 6.

sambad nagaland lottery result 6pm 19-May-2024

Nagaland Lottery Sambad Night 6 Tarik 8 PM Result

There is also a weekly draw as part of the lottery sambad. These draws are held on special days in a week. You can also buy these special lotteries. If you bought today’s night 6 tarikh ka lottery sambad fax ticket and want to check the result. Check here the night 6 tarik sambad result.

sambad nagaland lottery result 8pm 19-May-2024

Nagaland Sambad Lottery 6 Tarik 1 PM 6 & 8 PM Result Draw Video

Old Result

To make an informed prediction about 1 তারিখের লটারি সংবাদ, you need to check the previous results of all lottery draws that were held during the last month including nagaland state lottery 6. We have made this easy for you and summarized all the results below.

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