Sri Lakshmi Lottery Result 19.5.2024 Today Chart ShreeLaxmi Lucky

Do you look to check today’s Sri lakshmi Lottery result?. Srilakshmi lottery is the most popular lottery in India and is played more than 30 times a day. According to time table, the Sri Laxmi Lottery results for Royale, Deluxe, Casino, Express, and Gold Play Draw were conducted at different times. Stay connected to get the latest updated results daily. 

The lottery is low-cost, and the prizes are exclusively large. To get eligibility for these prizes, just buy the ticket through any retailer and get శ్రీ లక్ష్మి లాటరి రెసుల్త్ without delay. Here below is today’s 19.5.2024 latest result table.  

Sri Lakshmi Lottery Result Today 19.5.2024 Live – Sri Laxmi Result

9:00 AM1764187391
9:15 AM1507289643
9:30 AM3245961288
9:45 AM4976281035
10:00 AM8718753622
10:15 AM2194375068
10:30 AM2938741009
10:45 AM9410756238
11:00 AM3760174399
11:15 AM7583941026
11:30 AM2835179042
11:45 AM6803547291
12:00 PM4891026326
12:15 PM1532096847
12:30 PM2237198502

How Check Sri Lakshmi Lottery Old Result

If you want to check shree laxmi lucky result yesterday or any previous results. A straight forward process is as follows.

Step 1: To check the bhag lakshmi old results, just click the Calendar button on the left side of the show result button.

Sri lakshmi lottery old result

Step 2: Select the required result date of srilakshmi lottery, click on show results, and see the older results.

Sri lakshmi result

What is Sri Lakshmi Lottery?

shree laxmi lucky lottery jodi is a famous lottery in India, as compared to other lotteries available only in some states of India. Shree laxmi lottery is one of them established in 1988. It’s Played daily multiple times in different time periods. The first శ్రీ లక్ష్మీ లాటరీ రిజల్ట్ is published at 9 AM.

The result details sheet of all the winners is provided in the lottery result. Here you will be provided with the daily updated result of the sreelakshmi lottery results. At different times, శ్రీ లక్ష్మీ లాటరీ results are provided in different categories of the lottery.

The result consists of two-digit numbers, and the first result is published at 9 AM, so every next fifteen minutes, the next result is published. Here you can get all the updated results of శ్రీలక్ష్మి లాటరి రెసుల్త్ and Sri Lakshmi’s old results.

Details Table 19.5.2024 About SriLakshmi Lottery

Lottery NameSriLakshmi Lottery
Draw NameRoyal, Deluxe, Casino, Express, Gold Play
Result Timing9 AM, 9:15 AM, 9:30 AM and onwards

How to Purchase Sri Lakshmi Lottery Tickets

To participate in the sri lakshmi lottery result, the primary resource required is a sri lakshmi lottery ticket. You can purchase the ticket from an authorized lottery dealer or through an official website. It’s essential to verify the dealer’s authority before purchasing the ticket. Because only verified merchants are authorized to sell Sri Lakshmi lottery tickets.

Here is the address of one of the authorized dealers selling lottery tickets from whom we usually purchase our tickets. However, your responsibility is to ensure the dealer’s authority before purchasing a lottery ticket.

Address: Shop No, 2, Maha Laxmi Shopping Centre, Opposite New Vasahat Jasoda Nagar Ghodaser, Road E, Phase I, GIDC Vatwa, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380050, India. 

Note: This dealer is known for selling authentic tickets, but it’s crucial to always verify the dealer’s authority before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Between 9 AM to 9 PM, Lottery Results are announced every half hour at shrilakshmi. You can also check the result on sri lakshmi lottery app.

The state Government of Mumbai operates this shree laxmi lucky lottery.

Yes, you can purchase the ticket online for this sri lakshmi lucky draw lottery.